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Plasma processing is universally recognised as extremely beneficial for a range of materials and their surface treatment applications. For example, plasma has been shown to confer special properties to a range of textiles and nonwovens including polypropylene, polyester (PET), nylon, cotton, wool textile fibres and fabrics and polypropylene and polyethylene nonwovens. Significant improvements including wettability, dye-ability and adhesion have been demonstrated resulting in increased sales for product suppliers.

Global material suppliers are now successfully using plasma for industrial applications which are key to their business and its use is growing. The commercial benefits are compelling including:

  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Development of innovative, high-value products
  • Extended scope of innovative materials and product substrates
  • Reduced environmental impact

Danny Connaughton of ConnauTech Ltd has been involved in plasma technology for over 20 years and so has significant knowledge of its technical and commercial benefits. In order to satisfy a personal drive to maximise plasma processing in the textiles industry, he is currently offering free consultancy.

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