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ConnauTech Associates are directing the commercialisation of technologies owned by Leeds University. This includes an innovative safety technology known as “RadiVis” which will be incorporated in textile garments in order to render the wearer distinctively visible to radar. It offers a unique and improved detection capability with the potential for saving lives and has already attracted key segments of the Search and Rescue (SAR) market sector. After initial funding from the Clothworkers Innovation Fund (CIF), Danny Connaughton was successful in securing further funding from Yorkshire Forward’s Proof of Commercial Concept initiative. This will enable him and Leeds University academics to work with a number of key organisations that Danny has identified which are prominent in the SAR market in order to commercialise RadiVis.
Gordon Matthewman, Business Manager of Commercialisation Services Enterprise & Innovation at Leeds IP Ltd said
“Danny has been first class in directing the commercialisation process for RadiVis where he has displayed a very professional and thorough approach. His commercial guidance of the CIF project, relevant market contacts and contribution in securing a Yorkshire Forward Proof of Commercial Concept award have been invaluable”.
In performing a preliminary assessment of the technologies for commercialisation potential, a tool developed by ConnauTech was used. That tool has been developed over many years and has been interrogated using technologies of all types and originating from various sources including the defence industry. Its value to venture capitalists and business angels amongst others is high.

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